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The High Tech Industries management team has over 75 years combined experience in the precision machining industry. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and can meet the rigorous demands of stringent quality standards, urgent delivery timelines, and bottom-line value. High Tech Industries is ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified.

Located in Holland, Michigan, our company has established a reputation for providing strategic business solutions since 1983. Our Interactive Manufacturing communication platform connects us to customers throughout the Midwest, nationwide and beyond.

High-Tech Industries was started 28 years ago in a small one room building with one machine tool, three 75 watt bulbs, an air compressor, a saw horse, which held my tool box...thus, HTI was established. I don't tell this part of the story for sympathy, only to identify my determination to make HTI survive.
With a lot of hard work, and a supportive wife who fed a family of five on macaroni and cheese for a long time. HTI began to supply its customers with precision parts. This "don't ever give up" attitude is the corner stone of America. Today we are still surviving the worst down turn since the Great Depression and have grown to 20,000 square feet of manufacturing in the precision parts business. It has been quite a ride and I have many more stories to share than time allows.

What makes HTI unique? There are no gimmicks here, just the same hard work for the last 29 years! Our philosophy hasn't changed. Our idea of adding value to our customer's projects and trying to provide top of the line service and do it profitably, as a team is our approach to business. We don't make up things we cannot do and we do exactly as we promise. We provide an information system which is free to our customers. This system allows you, our customer, to manage your project thru our shop, and much, much more. We call it "Interactive Manufacturing". You can see what is available by clicking on the "interactive manufacturing" icon on our website. This was created by HTI to offer information via the web 24-7. Our customers don't get voice mails or excuses, they get answers and results. We put this partnering attitude with everything we do and we do it well.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to see the difference HTI can make as a real partner in your machining projects. We do more than machine, we manage your projects to add value, whether it is in assembly, paint, casting, heat treat, or any other requirements, we handle them for you so you manage results, not parts.

Thank you for your time, it is always valuable.
David TenBrink
Founder and President

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